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Karangahape Road Celebrates

mango skin jewels Tahitian sunset rose and lime
earth-oven steam, punga moon, hibiscus sky
a summer frock that floats as she moves
a truckload of drumhead cabbages brakes to a halt
yams, boxes of wriggly pink toes
fat green banana fingers hula their way through slats
in a boarding house Monday stews away in a burnt saucepan
the gullies one long black mid-afternoon yawn
guava hangs on the air, frangipani too like sea-foam lace
cherry stains the purple lamingtons de luxe
through windows and cellophane
an instamatic cheeseburger snaps its garter . . .


 From South Pacific Sunrise (Penguin, 1986)        

Last updated 12 April, 2006