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'Nothing but Switzerland and Lemonade'  

Cezanne’s mistress is in Switzerland drinking lemonade.  

The mountains are white with snow.

A waiter appears bearing two glasses on a red tray. Bending to the table he considers the remote possibility of her breasts.

He is thinking: ‘Green grape and you refused me, red grape and you sent me packing. May I have a bite of your raisin?’

She winks discreetly at her gentleman friend in his fawn waistcoat and lemon gloves.

A glass falls shattering on the stone floor.

From across the terrace a peddler smiles, flashing a fan of postcard scenes from Provence . . . .

From Nothing but Switzerland and Lemonade (Hawk Press, 1980)

Michael Harlow

Last updated 20 March, 2005