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D A V I D   E G G L E T O N

David Eggleton’s mother is Rotuman and his father is Pakeha; he was born in Auckland in 1952. He is a poet, writer and critic, and his publications include South Pacific Sunrise (poems, Penguin, 1986), People of the Land (poems, Penguin, 1988), Empty Orchestra (poems, AUP, 1995) and After Tokyo (short stories, E. S. A.W., 1987). His latest poetry collection, Rhyming Planet, was published by Steele Roberts in 2001. David lives in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Prime Time

The sun loves hot February to death,
girls do the hula till they’re out of breath.
Youths on beaches are flinging frisbees.
Chaps in board shorts strut the Bee’s Knees.
Atiara of lights on the Harbour Bridge,
a Cockroach Democracy behind the fridge.
Gross Crazies of the Junkosphere
are doing the backstroke through their beer.
Spiderman dangles from the lampshade,
a plastic goldfish swims in lemonade.
Civilisation smoked down to the filtertip.
Jehovah in a cloudburst would mean abandon ship.
Coronary bypass drunks pilot cannibal cars,
pursuing their own Paradises, Xanadus, Shangri-Las.



Last updated 04 July, 2004