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mutton birds and red wine



Selwyn Muru
A translation of Hone Tuwhare’s poem ‘Martin Luther King’   HTML | PDF

Hana O’Regan
He tītī me te waihoka pōhutukawa / Mutton birds and red wine   HTML | PDF

Robert Sullivan
Hone Tuwhare’s Aroha   HTML | PDF

Janet Hunt
His own true voice   HTML | PDF

Michelle Keown
‘Art for me is not a hothouse flower’: Hone Tuwhare’s socialist poetics   HTML | PDF

Jon Battista
When grief inhabits the desolate house . . .   HTML | PDF

Elizabeth DeLoughrey
Solar Metaphors: ‘No Ordinary Sun’   HTML | PDF

Cassie Ringland-Stewart
Talking with Hone Tuwhare   HTML | PDF

Hinemoana Baker
‘People leave I know’: A perspective on Tuwhare, the album   HTML | PDF

Peter H. Marsden
‘Er war ein Berliner!’: Hone Tuwhare in Germany   HTML | PDF

David Eggleton
Pūrorohū: Hone Tuwhare’s Rain Spells   HTML | PDF




William Farrimond
Hone Tuwhare at Jerusalem, 1972  HTML

John Miller,
Three Photographs 1972-75  HTML

Jan Kemp,
Four Poets Tour 1979 photographs  HTML


Barry Brickell, Tribute to Hone Tuwhare   HTML | PDF

Tania Hinehou Butcher, In memory of: Hone Tuwhare  HTML | PDF

Glenn Colquhoun, Two Griefs   HTML | PDF

Murray Edmond, Everyday Life on Mount Forehead   HTML | PDF

William Farrimond, Dear Hone; Lest We Forget   HTML | PDF

Bernadette Hall, Paths Crossing and Wires   HTML | PDF

Jeffrey Paparoa Holman, Ka heke a runga: hard rain; The Bible in Māori   HTML | PDF

Steve Lang, from homage to Hone   HTML | PDF

Michele Leggott, work for the living   HTML | PDF

Jean McCormack, Sand; Calling the ex at seventy-nine   HTML | PDF

Cilla McQueen, Last Words to Hone Tuwhare   HTML | PDF

Bill ManhireThe Most Happy Fellow: 1969 interview with Hone Tuwhare   HTML | PDF

Selina Tusitala Marsh, Hone Said   HTML | PDF

Michael O’Leary, Hone Tuwhare: a personal memoir   HTML | PDF

Mark Pirie, Strange Brew: A Personal Reflection on the Poetry of Hone Tuwhare   HTML | PDF

Brian Potiki, hone. gone   HTML | PDF

John Pule, hone   HTML | PDF

Gavin Reedy, The veil of time: Te arai   HTML | PDF

Miriam Richardson, Shape shifter   HTML | PDF

Dieter Riemenschneider. Two translations: Kākā Point, Keine gewöhnliche Sonne   HTML | PDF

Alice Te Punga Somerville    ‘I can hear you making small holes in the silence, Hone’   HTML | PDF

Robert Sullivan, Apollo’s Temple, To a Theme by Hone Taiapa   HTML | PDF

Apirana Taylor,  poem to Hone Tuwhare 08   HTML | PDF

Albert Wendt, With Hone in Las Vegas   HTML | PDF

Reina Whaitiri, Dearest Hone, E te rangatira   HTML | PDF

Simon Williamson, With Respects Mr Tuwhare   HTML | PDF

Briar Wood, Language at Full Stretch   HTML | PDF

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