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kmko #12     

Poetry and Social Action


  • Michele Leggott, Note on Poetry as Social Action HTML | PDF
  • Murray Edmond, Poetry and War: Call for Contributions for KMKO Issue #14  HTML | PDF

Illustrated Talk

  • Pam Brown , Authentic local: an illustrated autobiographical sample of an itinerant local’s pursuits in poetry & art HTML | PDF

Papers from and Responses to  the “Poetry as Social Action Symposium” University of Auckland 2013

  • Susan M. Schultz, Alzheimer’s, Aliens and the Cure of the Avant-garde HTML | PDF
  • Jack Ross, Paul Celan & Leicester  Kyle: The Zone & the Plateau  HTML | PDF
  • Jen Crawford, Cultivating inter-being: human-plant society in Mei-mei  Berssenbrugge’s Hello, the Roses  HTML | PDF
  • Christopher P. Parr, Revisiting the Gap between Words and Reality: Critical Reflections on the Symposium ‘Poetry as Social Action’ HTML | PDF


  • Marcia Russell, Jekyll Journo as Literary Hyde by Night  HTML | PDF


  • Tony Beyer, A Life & Opinions: Trevor Reeves, 1940-2013  HTML | PDF

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