new zealand electronic poetry centre




Audrey Brown



like the lady in the photograph (1998)

her came into our life
                  apparently always there                                   in another place with another

                                                                                  an accident
                                                                        found out on the school yard from others
                                                                        like a web blog on the internet for all to see

her looks like the lady in the photograph

pretty and exotic in that typical
tamure way
                                                            her looks more like him than me
                                                            but fat
                                                            fair with yucky teeth and over
                        expressive mouth

                                                            her seems intelligent
                                                            and dictionary nice
                        but after something more than her lets on

he says
their friendship 
                                    was conceived from naivety and no idea                              
                                    the result
                                                                               a baby older than i
                   born to a sky
                                             with no mother or father
                                                                             a small start elsewhere
with a L O U D arrival of her                                                              here am her 
                                                                                    let sing her.


she the chief executive and her (2003)

                      she so different          
                      petite               smoker                      workaholic                 
                                                                               with world on she’s shoulders
                      hardly eats      so disciplined              materially focused                                              
                                            & controllingly beautiful         with synchronised hair
                                                                               she born to a body that is a power suit
                                                everything is perfect
                                                                                    except her
                                                                                                            the pimple
                                                                                                            on she’s upper lip

                                                            her came in the universe before she
                                                            despite all she’s prayers
                                                            god never told she about her 

                                                            she’ll never tell her to her face
                                                            but she’s heart says it all                                                                                                                   
                                                            and she’s  d  i  s  t  a  n  c  e 
                                                                                                            her the opposite of she
                                                                                                            a child of the ocean
                                                                                                            she of the sun and rising
                                                            her made she’s perfect
                                                                                                            world imperfect

                                                                                                                        d e l e t e



albums of life’s time  (2007)

                       mama had a stroke
                                                                                how does an iron will become melted?
mama’s mouth places a straight face
as if there is no pain
while eyes juxtapose                                       as you move mama from the bed to the chair
the fan is working overtime
and the sun is trying to forgive the situation
by keeping as honest as it possibly can
                                                                                while mama is sleeping
                                                                                you open the albums full of pictures
                                                                                and see the life of your family
                                                                                without you
                       a lifetime compacted together
                       with stories to speak of many times
                                                                                seeing peoples faces in babies
                                                                        and mannerisms of mothers and fathers in                                                                         children and grandchildren
it’s hard to be in two (2) places at once
especially as you were never meant to be here until now
your heart whispers to self 
it’s not your fault                                the albums of life’s time
                                                                        pieces the jigsaw d i  s  t  a  n  c  e  of she
mama is awake now
                                 its time for her taele
                                                         you really don’t know what you’re doing
                                                         but you casually reassure her
                                                         no worries mama
                                                         its only you
                                                                                her grand daughter
                                                                                her son’s eldest daughter      
                                                                                older than she
                       you can hear the river flowing
                       from behind the house 
                       and feel a certain shelter
                       from the trees.