T H E    P O E T R Y    P R O J E C T  
        n z e p c

P r o j e c t s

Read about poetry getting loose in schools and local communities; view photos and selected poems


1000 Poems For Our Place
Paula Green worked in four West Auckland schools to produce 1000 poems that celebrated the local area – whether place, people, objects, activities or family.

North Shore, Otahuhu, Auckland Central City Library
Following the success of the 2009 Million Poems, projects were launched June-July 2010 to write poems for Matariki in Otahuhu and on the North Shore, then to bring poems and readers together in local libraries and at Auckland Central City Library.

Matariki 2010
A Million Poems for Matariki 2009
Devonport Peninsula, Auckland
Inaugural NZ Poet Laureate Michele Leggott and Devonport Community Coordinator Maire Vieth asked school children and interested adults to contribute poster poems for display in the North Shore community June-July 2009.
Seven Stars